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National Cadets Corps



Regimental Number:
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Address :
Nearest Police Station :
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Sex :
Educational qualifications :
Last Exam Marks in %
Identification Marks-1
Identification Marks-2
Photograph :
Aadhaar/ UID No :
Pan Card No :
Nationality :
Date of Birth :


Father Name :
Mother Name :
Email Id :
Parent Phone Number :
Next of Kin with address (with relationship)
Telephone No. (O)/(R) (as applicable)
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1. Have you ever been convicted by a criminal court & if so in What circumstances and what Was the sentence? Attach relevant documents

2. Willing to be enrolled and undergo training under the National Cadet Corps Act, 1948

3. Have you been enrolled in NCC earlier.If yes, Your Enrolment No.

4. I always obey my ANO / Seniors order , If I fail to do it ANO have right to expel me without any NOTICE

5. Have you been dismissed from NCC/the Territorial Army/the Indian Armed Forces; Please Provide details:-

6. I solemnly declare that the answers I have given to the question in this form are true and that no part of them is false and that I have inform my PARENT/GUARDIAN to fulfill the engagement made.

7. I promise that I will honestly and faithfully serve my country and abide by the Rules & Regulations of the National Cadet Corps that I will, to the best my ability, attend all parades and camps as may be required by the Commanding Officer from time to time :

8. INDENMITY BOND : To,The President of India,In consideration of my being nominated either by the NCC authorities or at my own request as a participant in any NCC camp (which includes Republic Day Camp and Independence Day Camp in Delhi),Course, Adventure Training(including Army, navy and Air Force Wing activities,as the case may be) and while traveling(in domestic/international surface, air and water transport)and attending Youth Exchange Programme(YEP) abroad, I undertake and agree that neither I, norlmy executors or administrators or other legal representatives will make any claim against the Government or against NCC authorities including officers, JCO/ NCO or their equivalents from Navy and Air Force, civilians, MT drivers or against any other such person in the service of the Government, in respect of any loss or injury to the property or person, including injury resulting in death, due to any.


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